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It's not only important that we hear from other people, but see the world through their window. 

So here are the views from some windows you may not have looked through before.

Crazy Talk?

Completely sensible & nice people believe we don't need to change our ways to avoid environmental disaster. This is why it's important to listen & talk to them,

Economies With Conscience

The Covid crisis has led to calls for us to rethink how our economies operate. In this BBC programme, I examine how we can build back better.

Carlos Slim
Meeting The Mexican Billionaire

One of there world's top 3 richest men and rarely interviewed, Carlos Slim met me amidst his world beating

Bill & Melinda.png
Meeting Microsoft
Bill & Melinda Gates

Meeting the power couple that are the Gates Family at their Seattle Base 

Lean On Me
Howard Buffett

On a helicopter ride with a director of one of the most profitable investment funds in the world. 

Jimmy Wales
The Man Who Invented Wikipedia

Lessons on the success of Wikipedia and why some of his other businesses ideas didn't work as well. 

Bill ford.png
Bill Ford
The Future Of The Car

Bill Ford is the great grandson of Henry Ford and Chairman of Ford Motors - I went to Detroit to talk about the future of the car. 

Richard Branson
His Secret Of Success

I flew to Chicago to meet Richard Branson to talk about his insight into what makes businesses succeed.

A New Kind Of VR
Virtual Gain & Pain

Playing a video game whilst wearing  this haptic suit allows you to feel the actual effect of your virtual self getting hit 


Filming at the Biomimicry Institute in San Francisco, the producer stuck me to a wall with Velcro.

High Wire Act
Taking A Risk

Making a Panorama on pensions, I did a high wire act to illustrate the problem of the risk people were taking. Seemed a good idea at the time

Dad and uncle Peter.jpeg
A Refugee's Tale
A Letter From Your Grandfather

My father (left) with his brother Peter before he came to the UK as a refugee in 1945

Buzz Aldrin
The Man On The Moon

Buzz Aldrin in a force to be reckoned with and has big ideas about how to get to Mars

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