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Video, Podcasts & Other Stuff

Programmes |

Here's a page with some clips of programmes I have made - chosen more because I have copies of them than anything else. If you're keen Im happy to bring round a projector and show you more. 

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Blogs & Articles | 

Sometimes you need more than a TV script allows and so given the freedom of a blog you can tell more about the events behind the story on screen.  

Podcast 2.png

I have become a caster of pods. Woodland Walks takes you on a fun journey around some of the country's most exciting woodlands meeting local experts, walkers and those explaining why their woodland makes such a difference to them.

Apple Podcasts

You can here the podcast wherever you get your podcasts from - but especially on Apple Podcasts and  Libsyn

Outtakes | 

Stuff goes right as well, I promise. But I know people like it when it doesn't. So here are some of those bits.

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